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Revenge Forest

  • Qiymət: 7.99
  • Telefon: +994 51 695 00 05
  • Baxış sayı: 117
  • Tarix: 19 July 2022
The series of this book is about the revenge of a young man at the age of six whose parents were killed in front of his eyes. He was six years old when he first touch a gun. He was not aware of what happened then. But his father was killed defending them. Mother was raped and killed. He did not know who wanted to kill them. But he had managed to draw a picture of one of the murderers. Will he be able to kill the real killer when he finds out who he is? While in the orphanage, he starts printing pennies. After finding the encryption of the money, the paper begins to print money. So, 10 years before, He put the money into circulation. Ten years later, the original money printed by the Central Bank was out of circulation in the name of counterfeit money.