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The Head

The Head






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Some of the characters in this novel are real-life historical figures, but one should not look for historical authenticity in every episode and on every page of this work. Historical personalities in this novel are largely protagonists created by the author’s pen, chosen and appreciated by him, whether it be Prince Pavel Dmitriyevich Tsitsianov or the young Persian prince and heir to the throne Abbas Mirza Qajar. The historical flavour of this novel is a reflection of the author’s own meditative and emotional response to the process of getting acquainted with real historical facts, so the historical figures explored here are also his own fictional characters, created by his rich imagination. So historians would not necessarily find archival evidence of the existence of the names, places, letters and various historical events quoted here. Let them not pay attention to the particulars, the details and aspects of this novel that do not fall in line with the mainstream history. There are still plenty of moments that do reflect key historical events, creating a rich tapestry of thoughts that allow us to take a journey into the author’s mind and witness his perspective and understanding of the events and challenges of days past.

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