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The Seagulls’ Wake-Up Whispers

The Seagulls’ Wake-Up Whispers

Hassan Hami


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Essaouira city is famous for its coastal wind (the alizee) as well as for its Gnawa festival. But it also reminds of Orson Welles, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and other celebrities who used to find their inspiration there. For the natives, Essaouira is above all a safe haven for the seagulls. Seagulls bring joy when they surf. They blow sorrow when they are deserting the city or even when they are not around. Olga and her boyfriend are visiting the city to attend the celebration of the 22nd Anniversary of Gnawa festival. They stay at Carolyn’s Riad. The Riad is a realm of surprises and tragedies. They are subjects to spells, hallucinations and curses. They are discovering the existence of parallel worlds and dimensions. They don’t know whether they are experiencing the time machine odyssey, some sort of schizophrenic behavior or real waves of madness. Their relationship is at risk. Numbers are involved and this makes them feel insecure. A third-party involvement is about to ruin everything they worked hard to build up. Yet they keep trying to overcome all obstacles. The seagulls’ wake-up whispers are randomly resonating all around. What if it all means something? Could the seagulls help them cope with the situation or set them free? Or could the white dove that sheds light on some aspects of the hidden script save them eventually? This is the story about the instinct and the intuition. When they interact, they may give the astrology, Olga is found of, a hard time and even defeat it for good and set all characters free. Or at last, that is what they think.

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